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Oprah Winfrey

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.




There’s a certain sense of serenity which overflows in the rivers of our hearts.

There’s a certain sense of serenity when it overflows beyond the confines of our intentions.

That serenity, the overflow…  Can be found…  Felt…  In you.


I have always believed that each of us was made for a destined purpose,

A purpose far reaching than what books and the past could prepare us all.

I have always believed that each of us was fatefully destined to change lives, to make lives better.

That destiny, that glaring sense of purpose…  Glows…  In you.


A fate, a growing sense of being able to make a difference, to really make a difference,

When you heal the wounds of your patients through your skilled hands,

And touch their lives through your empathic heart.


A fate, a relentless sense of being able to make a difference, to really make a difference,

When you spontaneously give more than you could to your family,

And diligently care for them without expecting anything in return.


A fate, an incessant sense of being able to make a difference, to really make a difference,

When you unselfishly succor to your friends and colleagues in the profession,

And graciously help them in every possible way you can.


A fate, a surging sense of being able to make a difference, to really make a difference,

When you unguardedly opened your heart and who you are to a complete stranger,

Vulnerabilities and all included.


In a rare feat of distance defying usual circumstances,

I have been given the privilege to be shone with the brightest glimmer of that serenity.

A glimmer encompassing the many things which make life beautiful,

Flourishing through an incandescent luster with each passing moment.


A serene glimmer which I have been granted the honor to see, to know,

And to appreciate…  The person behind the scrub suit,

The individual behind the illustrious name ending with an M.D.,

The human being that is Inday to her family,

The human being that is Dokie to me,

The human being unknown perhaps to many…


The one who…

Earnestly works for the safety of her patients even if she herself needs medical care.

Personally attends to the well-being of her patients even amidst uncalled for times of the day.

Pitifully weighing what cost to charge even if the service given calls for so much more.


The one who…

Never fails to give hope that a pot of gold is waiting at the end of the interminable rainbow.

Never loses the zest to improve in her chosen craft and brazenly swim unchartered waters.

Never ceases to make others feel that they deserve all the time she gives them in this busy world.


The one who…

Sensitively knows when to give even before someone could ask for it.

Unselfishly shares whatever she can even to the extent of sacrificing her needs.

Voluntarily performs tasks even if the same has already taken its toll on her.


The one who…

Forgives…  Forgives…  And forgives some more.

Who swallowed the person she thought she was for the relationships she value most.

Who gave second, third, and fourth chances to save relationships.

Who has given more than she could…

And more than she is willing to take to prove the importance of relationships.


The one who…

Bickers and bickers me just to change the serious look on my face.

Bickers and bickers me some more to test the limits of my lengthy patience.

Bickers and bickers me more, more and so much more, like any genuine friend would.

That’s who she is to me, for me, and to the ones closest to her heart.


Happy 32nd Birthday Dokie Marlu!

May that serenity continue to glow in you and radiate way beyond the lives you presently touch.

I have been so blessed to be shimmered with its ray…


Note: The above message is part of a framed photograph gift I gave to Marie Lou L. Gallego, M.D. on 17 September 2010 on the occasion of her 32nd birthday.



Farewell and Thank You Privilege Speech of Hon. Annie Mel Chevleur G. Cabañero, Sangguniang Kabataan Federation President of Sta. Maria from December 2007 to November 2010.  Delivered on 26 November 2010 at the Municipal Session Hall of Sta. Maria.  Speech By: Atty. Chona Leah “Tating” M. Cabañero, CESE and Hon. Annie Mel Chevleur “Chevz” G. Cabañero.



To our Honorable Presiding Officer, Vice-Mayor Rudy P. Mariscal, to my respected colleagues in the Office of the Sangguniang Bayan, staff, ladies and gentlemen, good morning.

I can still vividly remember 3 years ago, I stood in this very rostrum to deliver my first ever privilege speech as a neophyte honorary member of this august body in my capacity as the new President of the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation.  I cannot believe, 3 years have indeed passed by so quickly but not without lessons about the real world and about public service as I say goodbye to the privilege which has been granted to me by the youth of Sta. Maria.

At the very young age of 15, I carried with me the huge responsibility of being the voice of the youth of this Municipality.  To be elected as the President of the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation is indeed an honor for me as well as for my family.  But it was not just about the honor of being called as such and neither was it all about prestige.  It was an honor and a prestige which carry with it a heavy burden.  I recall what my Tita, our Municipal Administrator, told me on the day I got elected, “With great power comes great responsibility”.  To this very day, I carry that mantra with me even long after I step down from my Sangguniang Kabataan duties.

To be a public servant during my teen-age years was truly a difficult task but with the help and ready support of my Mama, Papa, Lola, and Tita, as well as all my Mariscal, Cabañero and Gascon relatives, my goals became reachable.  When I became the representative of the youth, I totally had no inkling how to be of service to them.  But along the way, I realized that despite the heavy burden of being a leader at my tender age, everything seems to be manageable, everything in fact became a source of inspiration and happiness knowing deep inside me that I was able to help other people and improve my community.  All the sacrifices which I had to make to fulfill my duties as the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation President, especially joggling my work and studies, became nothing compared to the contentment I got knowing that I was able to serve and make a difference.

I may not be the perfect leader, but I know and I can say out loud that despite the very short number of years that I became a public servant, my work was able to leave a mark among the people of this Municipality especially among her youth.  I can very say that I was not just an SK for the sake of having an SK.  I was an SK with a legacy left behind, an SK who stood by what is right, an SK in the real sense of that word.

Truly, I have no regrets.  From the lessons which I learned, the experiences which I went through, all of these made me a better person, all of these made me into the stronger person that I am right now and who I will be in the coming years of my life.  I have no regrets because I loved my work.

With this, allow me to take this opportunity, as I say goodbye to the walls of this Session Hall, to thank the many individuals who were very instrumental during my term as the President of the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation.

Foremost, I would like to thank our present Local Chief Executive, Mayor Mila M. Cabañero, not just for her valuable role as my former Presiding Officer and now as the mother of this Municipality but moreso for being my esteemed Lola.  For serving as my mentor, my guide.  For teaching me not just through her words but moreso her actions, that public office is not about what you can get from the government but moreso what you can give, what you can unselfishly do – “Serbisyong tinud-anay sa kanunay”.  For always standing by what is right, for always making me proud to be called her apo.

Secondly, I would like to thank our present Presiding Officer, Vice-Mayor Rudy Mariscal, for all his support for the activities of the League during his term as the Mayor of this Municipality.

Thirdly, to my fellow members in the Office of the Sangguniang Bayan, Councilors George Mariscal, Veronica Tubat, Alexander Lumain, Florentino Muda, Max Monsad, Leo Carr, Wilfredo Trasmil, Neil Abe and Diogracio Mametes, as well as former Councilors Diacarba Abe, Benjamin Wong, and Rodolfo Gulada, thank you for sharing with me valuable knowledge about public service, for your friendship, and for all the constant support you have extended to me.  The same gratitude likewise goes to all the officials of Barangay Poblacion as well as all outgoing Sangguniang Kabataan Chairpersons and Sangguniang Kabataan Board Members of this Municipality.

Fourthly, I would also like to thank the one and only staff of the Office of the Sangguniang Kabataan, Mr. Reynaldo Avila, together with the staff of the Office of the Sangguniang Bayan, for all your assistance in all my endeavors.

To my Tita Tatz, Atty. Tating Cabañero, thank you for always being by my side, for always managing to lift me up and encouraging me to go on especially during those times when I feel like surrendering because I found it difficult to do 2 things at the same time.  For always being that one person I and my sister run to when our world seems to be falling apart, for fighting for us, and for always being an inspiration to always do our best in our studies.

Most importantly, to my Mama Bhing, Papa Caloy and to my younger sister Shyaz, thank you for always being there for me, for being my backbone, for helping me get through the many ups and downs of my career as a young leader, for always being there to take care of me and looking after my welfare and my future.  For being and for always will be, my family.

To the youth of Sta. Maria, thank you very much for the honor you gave me of being of service to all of you.  I will forever be grateful that in a span of 3 years and as a young individual, I was already able to serve the people of this Municipality through all of you.  Thank you for being my friends, for showing to everyone that being young is not only about fun, it is also about being responsible and active citizens of our society.

Finally, to the Lord up above, thank you for all the blessings You have showered upon me during my term as the President of the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation.

To my colleagues in this office, to the newly elected Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan officials, good luck.  May you always serve the people of Sta. Maria with their highest interest in mind and not just for the selfish interests of the very few.  May you always remember that you are the role models of the youth of this Municipality.  As our role models, may you always stand by what is right because you do not owe to one person the privilege of being called honorable, you owe it to all of us.  May you serve the people not just with power and might but with a passionate heart and through the grace of God.

As I step down from the Office of the Sangguniang Kabataan, I look forward to the days where I will finally be able to concentrate on my studies and live a normal life as a young adult.  I may say goodbye to the prestigious title of the being called an SK President but I will never say goodbye to be of service to the people of this Municipality because the honor to serve them has already been imbedded in my mind and moreso in my heart.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  For the opportunity to grow and to serve, daghang kaayong salamat kaninyong tanan ug maayong buntag sa maka-usab.



Inaugural Speech of Mayor Mila P. Mariscal-Cabañero delivered on 18 June 2010 at the New Municipal Hall Stage, Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur.  Speech by: Atty. Chona Leah M. Cabañero and Mayor Mila M. Cabañero.



Malipayong ika-42 nga Araw ng Sta. Maria kaninyong tanan! Mabuhay Pangapog 2010! Mabuhay Sta. Maria!

To our incoming Provincial Board Member, Hon. Ligaya P. Gealon, to our solemnizing officer, Hon. Judge Norma Ruste-Calatrava, to my fellow municipal officials, all barangay officials, municipal and national employees, teachers, students, to all representatives of the various associations, organizations and establishments in our Municipality, guests, ladies and gentlemen, mga kaigsuonan ko sa lungsod sa Sta. Maria, maayong buntag kaninyong tanan. Sa mga kaigsuonan natong Muslim, assalamu alaikum. Sa mga kadaigan ko nga mga Lumad, madyaw kalamdag kamayo.

Una sa ang tanan ug sa ngalan sa akong inahan, mga igsuon, mga anak ug mga apo, akong ipaabot kaninyong tanan ang among dako ug kinasing-kasing nga pasalamat sa way hunong nga pagsalig nga gihatag ninyo kanamo sulod sa 33 katuig nga ang pamilya Mariscal gihatagan ninyo sa pribiliheyo nga magserbisyo kaninyo. I call this a privilege and not a burden, our privilege, to be of service to the people of Sta. Maria for 33 years now and counting. It is indeed a privilege to be able to serve the people to whom we owe much, if not all, of who we are and who we will be. Walay Mariscal, kung walay mga taga-Sta. Maria nga nagpaluyo kanamo. Among utang kabubut-on kaninyong tanan, hangtod sa hangtod, dili namo kaya mabayran. Mao nga, sukad pa sa panahon sa akong amahan, daghan, daghan, daghan kaayong salamat Sta. Maria.

Allow me likewise to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest gratitude to my campaigners and movers, and to all the campaigners and movers of the Nationalist People’s Coalition during the recently concluded 2010 National and Local Elections. Thank you also to my loyal supporters special mention to all barangay officials, the members of the Sta. Maria Womens Association, Senior Citizens Association, and the Federation of 4Ps, for their unwavering loyalty. These are the individuals who walked the extra mile with me and my partymates. Sa binisaya pa, kini ang mga tawo nga nagkalapok-lapok ang tiil, napasmo sa kagutom, nagtulo ang singot, namula ang nawong, dili tungod kay mestizo o mestiza sila, kundi tungod sa kalagot, nagsagol ang luha ug sip-on usahay, kung walay dala nga labakara, tilapan na lang gani ang sip-on, pero wala gayud kami gitalikdan maskin magkina-unsa. Win or lose, these individuals, our campaigners, movers, volunteers, and die hard supporters, have always been there for us. To you, we share our victory.

My heartfelt gratitude also to former Congressman Claude P. Bautista and to our present Congressman Franklin P. Bautista, and the entire Bautista Family for all their support during the campaign and for all the assistance they have extended to the plans and programs of the Municipality.

Sa akong mga igsuon, mga apo, ug labi na gayod sa akong mga anak nga si Ramil, Bong, Caloy, Bhing, Clarizza, Tating, ug Chery, daghan kaayong salamat sa inyo for always being there for me, for being the ones who lifted me up when my spirits were down, who looked after and cared for me. Akong mga anak ang nagahatag kanako ug inspirasyon nga serbisyuhan ang lungsod sa Sta. Maria pinaagi sa pag-alagad nga tinud-anay, kay pangandoy nako nga ibilin kanila ang usa ka pangalan nga dili nila ika-ulaw sa umaabot nga panahon. I will always be proud that, though they are not perfect, I was able to make them who they are right now despite having to raise them on my own. They are indeed God’s greatest challenge and, most notably, God’s greatest gift to me.

Finally and most importantly, I would like to thank our Heavenly Father and Mama Mary, sa tanang gasa nga gihatag Nila kanako labi nga gayod sa pribiliheyong mahimo akong pinaka-unang babaeng Mayor sa Sta. Maria. Gina-ingon pa sa akong mga anak atong election, “Bahala na si Lord Mama,” ug tinud-anay wala gayod ako hikawi sa Kahitas-an. Busa, kung mga kabatan-unan pay mu-ingon, “Thank you, Lord”.

Mga ka-igsuonan ko, karong adlawa ginasaulog nato ang ika-42 nga adlaw nga pagkatawo sa atong lungsod. Usa kini ka selebrasyon, usa ka pasalamat sa buhong nga ani nga atong nakuha niining tuiga ug sa mga daghang tuig pa nga nilabay.

The bountiful harvest which we are celebrating today as can be seen not just through the crops we yield but moreso in the mushrooming of various establishments in our Municipality has indeed uplifted the economy of Sta. Maria. Sta. Maria has indeed grown and the changes of this growth have been felt by all sectors of our society. Buildings are rising here and there, new stores are opening, more jobs are being created, even our own present Municipal Hall has a brand new fountain to boost. All these and much more, such as the opening of roads going to and from our barangays, the electrification of various sitios, from a 5th to a 2nd class Municipality, all these are reasons for us to celebrate, to be thankful for.

Ang kalamboan nga atong natagamtan karon dili nato kini makab-ot kung dili tungod sa paningkamot sa tanang mga leader sa atong lungsod duyog sa inyong kooperasyon sa atong gobyerno. Dili nato kini makab-ot kung dili tungod sa pagpaningkamot sa amahan sa atong lungsod, sa paningkamot sa atong kasamtangang Mayor na kuno pinaka-gwapo nako nga igsuon. Mga kaubanan ko niining buntaga, ako gahangyo kaninyo nga atong tagaan ug usa ka masigabong palakpak ang atong halandong Mayor, Rudy P. Mariscal, para sa tanang iyang nahimo sa Sta. Maria, sa sulod sa 19 katuig nga pagserbisyo niya kanato isip amahan sa atong lungsod.

Come July 1, 2010, I will cease to be a mother to 5 children and begin a new chapter in my life as a mother to more than 40,000 people coming from 22 beautiful barangays. Come July 1, 2010 and 3 years thereafter, I know a lot of things are expected of me and in my journey I am mindful that there will be a lot of bumps along the way.

Dili nako masaad kaninyo nga ako dili masipyat sa akong pag-alagad isip Mayor sa atong lungsod. Pero adunay usa ka butang nga akong masiguro kaninyong tanan – kini mao ang pagserbisyo kaninyo sa tinud-anay, sa kanunay. Sama sa inyong nabasa sa akong mga poster niining nilabay nga election – serbisyong tinud-anay sa kanunay. Sukad nga ako nahimong usa ka opisyal niining atong lungsod, sa duha ka termino nga ako nilingkod isip konsehal ug duha usab ka termino isip bise-mayor, kay dili man gayod ko ninyo patapuson ug tulo ka termino, magpabilin akong mag-alagad kaninyo ug tinud-anay, sa tanang panahon, kutob sa akong makaya. Serbisyong tinud-anay sa kanunay.

Sa pagserbisyo nako sa katawhan sa Sta. Maria, nasayod ako nga adunay mga panahon nga ako dili ninyo masabtan, nga naay mga tawo nga dili makadawat sa tanan nakong mga himuon, nga maski magkamang-kamang na kog paningkamot aduna gihapoy dili malipay. I am aware that I will never be able to please everybody but neither do I intend to please everybody. As I sit as the Mayor of our town for the next 3 years, I will serve all of you with the highest interest of the majority and of our Municipality in mind even if it means that I will have to lose your vote in the next election. I would rather choose to be misunderstood as long as I know in my heart, in my mind, and in my conscience, that I am doing something worthwhile, that I am serving the Municipality of Sta. Maria and not just a privileged few. I would rather choose to displease some of you than to leave the halls of the Municipality at the end of my term without having done anything at all.

Busa karon pa lamang, nagapangayo na ako sa inyong pagsabot kung aduna akoy maligsan sa mga decision nga akong himuon isip Mayor niining atong lungsod. Pero sama sa usa ka inahan nga mabungol ta kay mag sigeg yawyaw, sama sa usa ka inahan nga dili ihatag ang tanan natong gusto, pero kita masayod ug kita maka-amgo sa atong pagdako nga ang tanang yawyaw, ang tanang disiplina, gihimo para sa atong kaayuhan, para sa atong kaugmaon. Mao kana ang mahimong tatak sa akong administrasyon.

To all municipal employees, be it pro or anti-Mariscal, bear in mind that I am expecting much from you. I am expecting performance from all of you. By performance I mean not just your presence 8 hours a day, by performance I mean definite, visible, measurable, felt performance. I am expecting your cooperation so long as I sit as the Mayor of Sta. Maria. If you cannot give me your cooperation, if you cannot give me performance, I tell you tender your resignation as early as now. Hinumdumi ninyo, akong utok musabot, akong dughan maluoy, pero akong kamot dili mulihok. Lahi si Mila, lahi si Rudy.

As I strive my very best to serve the people of Sta. Maria, I am asking from all of you, your cooperation. Let us work hand-in-hand for the betterment of our Municipality. Let us all begin the work which we are all duty-bound to our people and set aside political biases. Let us all work for all of us owe this to our town, to our fellow Sta. Marian.

The Municipality of Sta. Maria under my administration will run with the theme “I love Sta. Maria!” It is my aim that during my term we will be proud to say that we are from Sta. Maria, it is my desire that during my term we will shout to the whole world how much we love our town, it is my mission that everyone in our humble town will be involved and work with our government for us to have a better Municipality, a Municipality loved by its people, a Municipality which will shine in the map of Davao del Sur.

Busa ako nagahangyo kaninyo, sa inyong kooperasyon, sa inyong suporta, sa inyong boluntaryong serbisyo para ang mga plano sa atong gobyerno magmalampuson. Dili lamang kini trabaho namo isip opisyales sa lungsod, trabaho nato kining tanan. Ang Munisipyo dili magmalampuson kung wala kamo. Walay Sta. Maria, kung walay mga taga-Sta. Maria nga maningkamot para sa kaayuhan sa tanan. Busa kitang tanan atong serbisyuhan sa kanunay ang atong lungsod because we love Sta. Maria. I love Sta. Maria!

Sa maka-usa, daghan, daghan, daghan kaayong salamat kaninyong tanan para sa pinakamaanindot nga advance birthday gift na akong nadawat, ang pribileheyong magserbisyo kaninyo ug tinud-anay, sa kanunay. Madayeg salamat kamayo!

Mabuhay 2010 Araw ng Sta. Maria! Mabuhay kitang tanan!

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