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Tating’s Quote 003

Each waking day is a reminder that there is really nothing permanent in this world no matter how we want or work hard for them to be… except for the sun rising every waking morning telling us… that today is another opportunity to hope for a brighter, definitely better tomorrow not only for us but for everyone we hold or once held dear in our hearts.


Tating’s Quote 002

When you feel like the world is tearing you apart, crushing your bones to pieces, and throwing your sanity out on the field for the crows to feed upon… Look at your Facebook newsfeed and you’ll realize, “I’m not alone in this agony”.

Tating’s Quote 001

Life may give us the best reasons to laugh, to cry, to act stupidly. But it is only our free will which will choose which emotion we really want to rule our life at a given moment, at a precise circumstance.

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