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Sometimes we give too much importance on other people. Sometimes we give them too much importance to the point of not leaving anything for ourselves but them, them, them. Sometimes and at some time, we will just come to the road of realising that all the importance we gave just went down the drain.

I can’t help but think how certain relationships survive in the realm of the-importance-only-one-person-gives. It might seem like martyrdom or stupidity or blindness, but there are just relationships which seem that way. Or it might just be plain and simple, L-O-V-E.

I believe, we can never force others to give us the same amount of importance we give. Neither should we expect that from them. But sometimes and at a certain time, we will just come to realise that the world does not only revolve on the ones we love. It also, and selfish as it may seem, revolves on us.

I may never be able to fully fathom why some people give more and others give less. All I truly know is that the kind of importance we give should not and should never be dependent on what the other is giving. We should always imbed in our minds and hearts though that we are not the only one in need of importance. Others do too. Maybe even way more than we need. And I wholeheartedly believe that it takes that kind of respect, for others and for ourselves, to make every relationship work.

Tating signing off, 19 March 2010 0747 Davao City.




There’s a certain sense of serenity which overflows in the rivers of our hearts.

There’s a certain sense of serenity when it overflows beyond the confines of our intentions.

That serenity, the overflow…  Can be found…  Felt…  In you.


I have always believed that each of us was made for a destined purpose,

A purpose far reaching than what books and the past could prepare us all.

I have always believed that each of us was fatefully destined to change lives, to make lives better.

That destiny, that glaring sense of purpose…  Glows…  In you.


A fate, a growing sense of being able to make a difference, to really make a difference,

When you heal the wounds of your patients through your skilled hands,

And touch their lives through your empathic heart.


A fate, a relentless sense of being able to make a difference, to really make a difference,

When you spontaneously give more than you could to your family,

And diligently care for them without expecting anything in return.


A fate, an incessant sense of being able to make a difference, to really make a difference,

When you unselfishly succor to your friends and colleagues in the profession,

And graciously help them in every possible way you can.


A fate, a surging sense of being able to make a difference, to really make a difference,

When you unguardedly opened your heart and who you are to a complete stranger,

Vulnerabilities and all included.


In a rare feat of distance defying usual circumstances,

I have been given the privilege to be shone with the brightest glimmer of that serenity.

A glimmer encompassing the many things which make life beautiful,

Flourishing through an incandescent luster with each passing moment.


A serene glimmer which I have been granted the honor to see, to know,

And to appreciate…  The person behind the scrub suit,

The individual behind the illustrious name ending with an M.D.,

The human being that is Inday to her family,

The human being that is Dokie to me,

The human being unknown perhaps to many…


The one who…

Earnestly works for the safety of her patients even if she herself needs medical care.

Personally attends to the well-being of her patients even amidst uncalled for times of the day.

Pitifully weighing what cost to charge even if the service given calls for so much more.


The one who…

Never fails to give hope that a pot of gold is waiting at the end of the interminable rainbow.

Never loses the zest to improve in her chosen craft and brazenly swim unchartered waters.

Never ceases to make others feel that they deserve all the time she gives them in this busy world.


The one who…

Sensitively knows when to give even before someone could ask for it.

Unselfishly shares whatever she can even to the extent of sacrificing her needs.

Voluntarily performs tasks even if the same has already taken its toll on her.


The one who…

Forgives…  Forgives…  And forgives some more.

Who swallowed the person she thought she was for the relationships she value most.

Who gave second, third, and fourth chances to save relationships.

Who has given more than she could…

And more than she is willing to take to prove the importance of relationships.


The one who…

Bickers and bickers me just to change the serious look on my face.

Bickers and bickers me some more to test the limits of my lengthy patience.

Bickers and bickers me more, more and so much more, like any genuine friend would.

That’s who she is to me, for me, and to the ones closest to her heart.


Happy 32nd Birthday Dokie Marlu!

May that serenity continue to glow in you and radiate way beyond the lives you presently touch.

I have been so blessed to be shimmered with its ray…


Note: The above message is part of a framed photograph gift I gave to Marie Lou L. Gallego, M.D. on 17 September 2010 on the occasion of her 32nd birthday.

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