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2011 Video by AmbientMedia


Decade old video of PAL


Ok ok I admit it.  I am one of the very very few airplane passengers who read safety manuals and watch and eagerly listen to safety videos.  Being a constant traveler, it has always been my hope that passengers should be given actual instructional video before the airplane takes off because until now I still sometimes fumble as to the wearing of the “in the event of a water landing” vest.  Yes, that’s how corny I am.  I really wish to be able to hold that vest and try to wear it on my own.  As paranoid as I may sound.

Just over a week ago, I came across through Facebook links the new instructional safety video of Philippine Airlines.  And what can I say??  FINALLY, PAL!

Being a constant traveler myself, I have always been very annoyed if not embarrassed of the safety video of PAL.  It seems like it was created in the 1980s with old fashioned PAL uniform and that slight slant lip of the male model when he speaks lol.  I’m so rude.  Sorry, but I always notice him.  It is such a very nineteen kopong-kopong video, the quality of the filmstrip more than speaks for itself.

But now, FINALLY, PAL heard my plea and the many other pleas of their regular travelers.  Thumbs up to AmbientMedia for the new safety video of PAL.  Hip, modern, it is actually something I’m proud of.  Two thumbs up in fact!  Looking forward to my next trip all aboard Philippine Airlines.


“Mabuhay!  Welcome to Philippine Airlines!,”  sans the slanted lip.


Shi Gol San Korean Restaurant

A review: My Shi Gol San Korean Restaurant experience.

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Coming from the painting exhibit of my cousin, Atty. Ritzel Rabor-Polinar, at Casino Filipino, my law office partner, Atty. Ada Mae Ko, and I went straight to have dinner since it was already almost 8 o’clock in the evening.  According to her, there is a good Korean Restaurant nearby which I should try.  Hence, from the exit of the parking area of Grand Regal Hotel where the Casino is, we went straight to (I had to Google the resto’s name since mahirap maalala lol) SHI GOL SAN Korean Restaurant.  It is located just across Grand Regal Hotel, in a sort of mini-compound along the highway.

The place didn’t look as inviting outside, knowing me I’m so pihikan when it comes to aesthetics and all.  Parking was not difficult since there were spaces in the compound.

It was quiet I felt like we were the only customers at that time.  Upon entering the restaurant though, you will be welcomed in the usual Asian style atmosphere, Korean I suppose lol.  There were also a number of customers inside mostly of Korean descent.  The restaurant is not that big.  Excluding the kitchen, it would probably be the size of SM’s Coffee Dream shaped like a square.

We were welcomed by one of the waiters who led us to some of the vacant tables.   Love the table because you can’t see the other customers since the back of the sofabench was tall enough to cover my head.  Only complaint though is that my bench seemed to be too far from the table.

They served us 8 appetizers names of which I do not know again and I have no plans of memorizing in my lifetime.  All I know is that, kimchi kimchi kimchi.  All our orders arrived about 20 minutes after the appetizers were served.  For additional orders or other concerns it was quite easy to call the attention of the waiters since there is a buzzer on every table.

So how was the food?  Tasty and very Korean.  I say they were well prepared, served Korean style.   If you are a sucker for Korean dishes, this is the place to be in Davao so far.  If you love spicy meals, then this is also the place for you.

I am not a Korean food fan so didn’t enjoy our dinner that much.  I found the food too spicy to the point that you don’t get to appreciate how delicious it is.  I’d say though, it’s what Korean dishes are really supposed to be so malas ko na lang lol.  In short, everything served was authentically Korean.  It was too authentic that’s why a non-Korean food lover like me didn’t like it.  If you want to try Korean food or Korean dining in Davao, then this is really the perfect place for you.

I paid around Php 1,400.00 for the two of us.  There were a lot of pakibalot na lang after we had dinner though because my law office partner usually orders more than the two of us can consume.  I’d say, it would be an average of Php 400.00 per person in that restaurant.

If you are a Korean food fanatic, I say the 8 appetizers are a must (which is served free by the way) and the soup which was uber spicy.  If you don’t like Korean food and want to settle for something “eatable”, try ordering some beef or their dimsums.

Suggestion, if you don’t like spicy stuff, inform the waiter ahead so the cook can make adjustments.  I guess that was why I didn’t enjoy our meal.  My law office partner though loved it a lot because she likes Korean dishes, the Chinese that she is what do you expect.

For dessert by the way, you may want to try the simple, childish ice creams sold at the Korean Store just beside the resto.  I love Korean ice cream.


My ratings, 1-5 with 5 being the highest:

  • Restaurant’s look and feel – 2.5.
  • Cleanliness of restaurant – 3.
  • Value for money and by value for money I don’t mean the food is cheap.  What I mean is, getting your money’s worth – 3.5.
  • Service – 3.
  • Food presentation – 3.
  • Quality of food – 3.5 (authenticity included).
  • Over-all rating – 3.5.


Would I recommend this restaurant?  Yes, but with emphasis still on the line “if you like Korean food”.

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