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Good afternoon.  I know once you have read this note, you will know already who you are so I need not directly mention your name.

I just wish to correct one of your posts since you are directly pointing out at me.  Please make sure that what you are accusing me is true before you lambast me with anything.  Kindly check also before you point fingers at me the dates as to when the photos were posted, the descriptions of the photos, and more importantly the Facebook account where these photos come from.  I am only handling my personal accounts and the official accounts of the LGU which are “Sta Maria” and “Local Government Unit of Sta. Maria”.  Any other posts or pictures outside of those accounts, are from poseurs only and not authorized by the present administration.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but once your post attempts to state an alleged fact, please make sure your fact is true.

In addition, kindly make sure also to distinguish between the present and the previous Mayor when you use the term Mayor in your posts.  I do not think it is fair to liken the present Local Chief Executive to the previous one, even if they come from the same family, for obvious reasons which you and the rest of the people of Sta. Maria can see from the many projects we have undertaken since July 2010.  Facebook is an arena where you can post anything you want provided you do not cross the border of respect for the rights of others or attempt to dissuade people into believing assumptions and mere conjectures.

The Administration of Mayor Mila M. Cabañero is very well aware that we can never please everybody and neither do we have plans of attempting to please all of you.  Nonetheless, we will continue to do what we are mandated to do under the laws and what we believe are the right things to do for the people of this Municipality.

We thank the many people who have appreciated our efforts, these are icings to our cake.  We likewise thank our critics, for you are the cherries on top of the icings to our cake.  The appreciation and the criticisms we receive from all of you will continue to inspire us to better serve the best interests of each and every Sta. Marian.

Daghan kaayong salamat.


Atty. Chona Leah “Tating” M. Cabañero, CESE

Municipal Administrator, LGU Sta. Maria

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