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Welcome and Thank You Speech of Atty. Ada Mae Y. Ko during the 60th birthday celebration of her Mom, Tita Y. Ko, and Pop, Hong Kong Ko, at The Marco Polo Hotel on 12 Octboer 2007.  Written by: Tating Cabañero for Ada Ko.


Last August 29, a little wonder of joy came into our small family.  Indeed, we were all filled with happiness and tears.  People would always say, our little bundle of joy undisputedly looks like somebody glowing inside this room tonight.  Lovable, cute, charming, huggable, enchanting, strikingly good looking.  Yes…  I am talking about myself.

To my beloved Guama, Uy Si, who like me is glowing tonight, to my A-pes and A-es, cousins, nephews and nieces, to the friends of Papa and Mom, guests, ladies and gentlemen, ho am.

This evening, I and Atie would like to welcome all of you as we gather to celebrate the 60th birthday of our Papa and Mom.  Tonight is a celebration not only of how wondrously they both grew through the years, but likewise, a thanksgiving of the many facets which make them uniquely Hong Kong Ko and Tita Ko.  Hopia and Tikoy, as my closest friends would fondly refer to them.  Who is Hopia and who is Tikoy, I leave that for all of you to decipher.

Our Papa has always been the man of a few words, if not a very very few words or absolutely none at all.  But behind that seemingly quiet facade of his, lies a man who will always be there even if the enemy is as gigantic as the Great Wall of China.  He is in fact a descendant of Mao Zse Tung, especially at home.  When he speaks, everybody listens, everybody follows in the blink of an eye.  A loyal citizen of the Republic of China, I should say.

Pa, I and Atie would like to take this rare opportunity to convey to you how grateful we are to have you as our father.  Not everyone in this world gets to have a Papa who will stand up for their family, the solid foundation which no earthquake can rock.  Like a piece of china adorning the cabinets of royalty – rare, fragile, priceless – you are that to us Pa.  But unlike the many merchants in Chinatown selling pirated chinaware, we will never trade you for anything else in this world.  You do not merely command of us respect.  You deserve it.

Thank you Pa for always being there.  Even without you saying it, we know how precious we are to you.  And I and Atie would like to thank you not only for being our father, but for being the wonderful husband to someone who seems to be not-as-glowing-as-I-am tonight.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am deeply honored to present before all of you one of our birthday celebrants for tonight, my dear Papa, because I am his favorite, Hong Kong T. Ko.

So I hope all of you will enjoy the rest of the night…


Bago ako mawalan ng pang shopping…

Of course, how could I ever forget the other birthday celebrant for this evening.  I am extremely proud to present before you the woman who brings sunshine into our lives, the woman who tickles our bones, the woman who brought me and Atie into this world, our one and only, because she is truly one and only, our beloved Mom, Tita U. Yao-Ko.

Mom to us is the undisputed stage mother for all seasons.  Stage mother, stage Sa-e, and just recently, stage lola or A-my as we now call her.  She has always been the life of every party.  The original dance diva.    The one who brightens our days with her gregarious antics, timely quips, and drop dead gorgeous looks and flawless 36-24-36 figure (because it’s your birthday Mom).

On a serious note, allow me to introduce to each and everyone of you the Tita Ko whom we have known and grown up with through the years.  The Tita Ko who, despite her imperfections, reigns as the jewel in our palace, in our hearts.

Our Mom, our Momi, has always been and I believe will forever remain to be the groovy Mom we have come to love.  She is the kind of Mom whom we can always run to, talk to, and relate to in a manner which makes us feel that we are equals.  The kind of person who values family ties, clan ties no matter how far reaching the extensions may be, with the utmost importance.  She is a friend not only to her circle of friends, but to each and every one of us – her children, her nephews and nieces, and almost every one she meets along the road.  She just has this innate ability and unbeatable charisma to make a person feel comfortable.

A loving daughter to Ama.  A caring sister.  And just recently, a dedicated grandma.

There is still too much to say about Momi that I could go on rambling as long as a full length Arirang DVD.  But to sum it up in one word, for us, her family, she is simply perfect.  A perfect wife to Papa for 31 years now.  The perfect Mom for us not only because we practically have no choice but moreso because we felt it and continue to feel it.  She has never ceased to make us feel that we are loved, that we are special, that she is there not just as a mother to sermon us when we tumble along life’s journey but as our friend.

Mom, thank you for being the glow behind our light.  Our lights would not have been as glaring, if you were not the one glowing behind it.  Thank you very much Mom.  Always remember that although our lights may flicker at times, we always appreciate the unwavering fact that your glow will be the spark to bring us back to our lights.  We love you Mom.  You certainly are glowing tonight…  Just like me, of course.

On behalf of my brother, Atie, my sister-in-law, and our cute baby boy, Enzo, I would like to welcome all of you to the 60th birthday celebration and thanksgiving of Momi and Papa.  We certainly hope you will enjoy the rest of what we have humbly prepared for all of you tonight.

May I now request everyone to raise their glasses and join me as together we toast: To good health, peace of mind, more blessings, and more milestones to come.  Happy birthday Mi!  Happy birthday Pa!  Cheers!

Thank you and good evening once again.




Sometimes we give too much importance on other people. Sometimes we give them too much importance to the point of not leaving anything for ourselves but them, them, them. Sometimes and at some time, we will just come to the road of realising that all the importance we gave just went down the drain.

I can’t help but think how certain relationships survive in the realm of the-importance-only-one-person-gives. It might seem like martyrdom or stupidity or blindness, but there are just relationships which seem that way. Or it might just be plain and simple, L-O-V-E.

I believe, we can never force others to give us the same amount of importance we give. Neither should we expect that from them. But sometimes and at a certain time, we will just come to realise that the world does not only revolve on the ones we love. It also, and selfish as it may seem, revolves on us.

I may never be able to fully fathom why some people give more and others give less. All I truly know is that the kind of importance we give should not and should never be dependent on what the other is giving. We should always imbed in our minds and hearts though that we are not the only one in need of importance. Others do too. Maybe even way more than we need. And I wholeheartedly believe that it takes that kind of respect, for others and for ourselves, to make every relationship work.

Tating signing off, 19 March 2010 0747 Davao City.

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